Stratosphere Race and Sportsbook Las Vegas
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March 19th - 22nd


Race and Sportsbook We’re a sure bet

Put your money on our Vegas sports betting.

A trip to the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower would be incomplete without a little Las Vegas sports betting casino action, so head on into the Race & Sportsbook, and place a bet on your favorite team or race at the counter or at our new betting kiosk. You can wager on college and pro football, NASCAR®, and horse racing for all major tracks. Place prop bets and futures on a variety of sports, and fulfill all your sports betting need. 

The Stratosphere covers it all, and offers some of the best props and pari-mutuel betting in town. Take in a game or catch all the races on one of the many widescreen televisions in this spacious area while you relax in a comfy swivel chair and enjoy cocktail service or take a seat at the Race & Sportsbook bar.

The Stratosphere Race & Sportsbook is also known for its outstanding contests and special events. No matter what sport or race you bet on, the Stratosphere knows the score!