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SkyJump  Are you up for the big jump?

The ultimate Vegas free fall from the 108th floor.

The wind’ll go whoosh. You’ll go $#!@%. Or yippee. Or yeah. Or yikes. Chances are your blood curdling screams will be heard in the sky high above the Las Vegas Strip. Stratosphere’s new SkyJump Las Vegas thrill ride will be the jump of your life — no matter what you might be yelling. For your inner adrenaline junkie wanting the ultimate Las Vegas free fall, sky dive or base jump, SkyJump is the attraction to choose. It provides the highest controlled free fall in the world, all from the Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower.

Before the jump, riders are prepped and suited up in Stratosphere’s custom jump suits and given a safety lesson. After a short elevator trip to the top of the Stratosphere Tower, the jumper is connected to a high-speed “descender” and led to the edge of the platform. Just take that last step and plummet through the sky 855 feet, or the equivalent of 108 floors.

SkyJump Las Vegas is one of the premier tourist attractions in the world and the newest ultimate Vegas thrill ride experience. For more detailed information visit www.skyjumplasvegas.com.

Earn your bragging rights now and get priority jump times when booking your room direct.

Reduced SkyJump Las Vegas Price for Hotel Guests.       

As part of your Hotel Resort Package, SkyJump is yours for a reduced price of $89.99 for hotel guests. Present your hotel guest key at SkyJump store when booking your appointment. Reservations based on availability.

*SkyJump and SkyJump Las Vegas is a copyright of Stratosphere Casino, Hotel & Tower.

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