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Applewood Wrapped Prawns

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Applewood wrapped prawns
Applewood Bacon Jalapeño Wrapped Prawns
With Guava Barbecue Sauce & Roasted Lemon
Jalapeño (2 green & 2 red)
Shrimp (size: Colossal/U15)
Guava BBQ sauce
Shaved green onion
3 slices
4 ea.
3 ea.
1 ea.
2 oz.
1 ea.
0.5 oz.
0.5 tsp.

SHRIMP: Cut jalapeño in half and remove the seeds. Place halves on each side of the shrimp and secure by wrapping the bacon tightly around shrimp. Cook in sauté pan till shrimp is done and bacon is crispy.

ROASTED LEMON: Cut lemon in half and cut bottoms of each half so the lemon can sit flat. Place pulp side down and cook for thirty seconds.

Lemon Juice
Salt & pepper
1 cup
2 oz.
1 oz.
2 oz.
1 oz.
Salt & pepper to taste
Place all ingredients in bowl planed with handheld blender. Put in squeeze bottle.
Guava Sauce
Dijon mustard
Guava purée
Red wine vinegar
Chipotle pepper
1 cup
2 oz.
2 oz.
2 oz.
2 oz.
½ tsp.
Combine in a bowl and mix with handheld blender.

ASSEMBLY: Place 2oz. of guava BBQ sauce on your plate, spread around in a circle. Using the squeeze bottle, zig zag the remoulade across the guava sauce. Take the skewer and pull it through the sauces, then skewer the lemon bottom, the shrimp, then the lemon top. Place it in the center of the plate and garnish with green onions.

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